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Dreams of Mabon - October

27 October 2023 - 3693 State Highway 31 E
Athens, TX 75752 United States
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The Mearian Empire

NERO: Border Lands is a LARPing experience that takes you through a Fantasy Medieval campaign setting in a semi-controlled environment. While you LARP with us, you delve into a world custom created with you in mind. You determine the results, you influence the good, the bad, and the corrupt. With over 20 years of experience provided by the Directors, the hand tailored plot is molded before your eyes with your decisions determining the outcome.

The Mearian Empire rests on the borders of The Bluewater Kingdoms and The Evendarrian Kingdoms. Do you stand with the rising powerhouse of Evendarr? Do you align with the established realms of Bluewater? Or do you defend the Mearian Empire on all frontal assaults? Choose your path and determine the outcome!

Venture into the Fissure and experience a world of wonder!

Hosting multiple events yearly, we design a continuous experience and not one-time encounters. Every decision you make will help unfold the rest of the ever-changing story. Welcoming all ages 14+, we focus on delivering an exciting and addictive experience to encourage you to return time and time again.

With inclusivity in mind, we schedule and plan content for all ages, accessibility and physical limitations. This allows EVERYONE to attempt to try and have an all-inclusive experience no matter where they stand in life.

`` Become a better you, than you were yesterday! ``

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Gallery Highlights

Our players use their minds and imagination to immerse themselves in a far-off world! They also use their creative ambition to craft and create their own armor, weapons, props and other aspects of their "Kit" to help deepen that immersive experience. Here are a few examples of people going above and beyond! Click the link below for all of our captured moments!

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