Visit the Empire within the Border Lands!

The World of the Mearian Empire

“Your fear will keep you alive” – Cal Spencer

Survival within the Border Lands surrounding The Fissure requires constant vigilance as the landscape here is treacherous, deceptive, and terrifying, yet also beautifully vast, extraordinary, and wondrous.

There are numerous territories that surround The Fissure, each with its own unique character and challenges. As it is in any society, there is a hierarchy. It is not uncommon to find corruption, as those who seek power at any cost, have the capacity to justify their actions and deeds. The people within the various territories are wary of newcomers, especially “Adventurers” and foreign Nobility. They often arrive with promises upon their tongues and greed within their hearts. Having been so often misled and mistreated, they are more likely to trust experienced mercenaries, than anyone unknown to them. These locals have been hardened by the realities of life in the Border Lands and have lived with the inevitabilities of these harsh lands, having been witness to things many would consider legendary or even impossible.

The Fissure itself is an expansive feature upon the landscape of the Border Lands. It is a massive scar that shattered the land, stretching from Brighton to Clifton and touching each of the numerous territories. Recently, a new change has occurred within The Fissure, called The Spires. These Spires are pure elemental power and have a profound impact on the environment. The Guilds have taken great interest in learning all about them, so they may exploit this new resource to their advantage. There are many dangers found within The Fissure, still lying as yet undiscovered.

There is a powerful entity that the locals call “The Spirit of the Land”. This Spirit frequently requests assistance from the inhabitants of the Border Lands, taking on many forms and personalities depending on the individuals it encounters. It is quick to seek help when a blight has befallen the land, often caused by one of the neighboring planes encroaching too far. However, those who defend the Spirit of the Land are supported and empowered by its mystical energy. It has been recently revealed that the Spirit was a former Earth Guild Master named Hondor, which was awoken and pulled back from his sacrifice to Mearian.

Despite the dangers and challenges of life in the Border Lands, there is a deep respect for the power of the Spirit of the Land, and those who defend it are honored and revered by its people. It is a place of both great peril and great potential, where only the bravest and most determined can hope to flourish.
The 8 Territories of the Mearian Empire

The Parasade Isles
The Parasade Isles are a group of islands that broke away from the Fissure during its initial opening. Due to a strange planar quirk, they were propelled into the air and have been suspended between Clifton and Moarston ever since. Despite the odd circumstances, the townspeople were able to survive and establish their own territory in the sky. The unique location of the islands has granted them extraordinary access to research within Celestial Magics, providing them with many new exciting opportunities.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Parasade Isles is their use of portals for trade and transportation. Although the islands are anchored to the towns below, restricting drift, with skiffs available for those who cannot or do not want to use the portals. These skiffs are powered by a series of elaborate pulley systems and sails, which allow them to be lifted and lowered as needed. Airships have also been adopted from foreign lands, though their use is extremely rare and expensive.
The Parasade Isles are also the headquarters of the Cardinal Vanguard. This organization is responsible for the School of Celestial Magic and research within the Mearian realm. Dame Wendy Mournhell, a feisty older matron, is the leader of the Vanguard. However, she is also known for her intolerance towards other guilds.
Baron Aimon Famaer rules the Parasade Isles with a firm but fair hand. He is known for his intelligence, quick wit, and strategic mind, and he has won the respect and admiration of his people through years of dedicated service. He has defended the Parasade Isles from many threats over the years, including marauding pirates and rogue wizards. Despite his many accomplishments, Baron Famaer is a humble man who values the input of his advisors and seeks to build consensus among his people.

The people of the Parasade Isles have strong ties with the mainland regions. The Parasade Isles are truly remarkable places.

Situated adjacent to The Parasade Isles, Clifton is best known for its stunning cliff on the southern side. The Parasade Isles were separated from Clifton and Moarston during the emergence of The Fissure. Despite this, Clifton has managed to thrive as a community with a bustling poultry industry, which primarily focuses on birds that nest on the cliff faces. These birds are considered a delicacy, and their eggs are highly prized. The industry also utilizes the birds for fertilizer, bedding, and feathers. Interestingly, the feathers themselves are sustainably farmed as Formal Magic Components, making them highly sought-after among magic users.
Another significant industry in Clifton is goat cheese. The town’s unique habitat, created by the cliffs, is an ideal environment for mountain goats to thrive. Their milk is used to make their famous cheese, which is a blend of different types and is highly regarded throughout the realm. It is one of the region’s most important exports and a significant source of income for many residents.

The Starfell Traders, a powerful guild that controls trade routes throughout the Mearian realm, have a presence in every town, including Clifton. Lady Krea Chaucer, the governor of Clifton and the Assistant Guild Mistress of the Starfell Traders, is a pivotal figure in the town. She runs Clifton as a base of operations for the Starfell Traders, providing valuable insights into the town’s various industries. Lady Krea is the go-to person for many businesses in the town and plays an instrumental role in maintaining Clifton’s economic stability.
Clifton has a rich tradition of innovation, making it an excellent destination for travelers and traders alike.

Steele is dominated by Dwarves since their migration there. The Dwarves quickly established their mining operations and made their mark upon Steel and the Border Lands as a whole. The region is largely known for its talented blacksmiths and artistic gem carvers who have settled there to refine the materials extracted from the mines. Due to its exclusive focus on mining and refining, Steele is considered the most expensive place to live in the region. The town’s greed for the materials extracted from within the Fissure is insatiable.

Steele is controlled by Baron Houddum Mountainhelm. The Forges of Steele are headed by Gamal Thunderhead, a respected Dwarf who is the Grandmaster of the forges. He oversees the skilled production and daily operations of the forges, which are dedicated to serving the needs of other towns in the region. Kaidink, a goblin, is Gamal’s dedicated assistant, responsible for overseeing the mining operations in the Fissure. The entire town operates as a single network focused on the forges, which have representatives in other towns and territories to ensure that they can meet the needs of the region as much as possible.

Thanks to its thriving mining and refining industry, Steele is home to highly skilled professionals such as Alchemists and Formal Magic users, who work tirelessly to enhance the creations of the town’s forges. Steele’s reputation as a town of skilled artisans and hardworking laborers is well-deserved, and it remains a hub of economic activity and innovation in the region.

Trefellen is renowned as the home of the Feather and Nib, a massive main library that controls a network of other branch libraries, which are among the largest repositories of collective knowledge within the Mearian realm. These libraries are spread out across several towns and territories, and they are always on the lookout for stories from travelers regarding encounters with monsters, languages, maps, and towns. As a result, they have become a central hub for knowledge and research, with one of the most extensive and constantly growing information networks in the region. If you are looking for answers to questions or trying to find a rare item, the Feather and Nib is the perfect place to start.

Lady Ladore Tathviel is the governor, with Sorth, a Lizard scavenger, serving as her assistant governor. They have a close relationship with the Starfell Traders, and the primary economy revolves around carpentry and the use of wood. Trefellen works in partnership with local Druids to cull the forests in a respectful and environmentally sustainable way, ensuring minimal impact on the region’s natural resources. The wood harvested here is transported throughout the region and put to use in a variety of ways.

Despite its focus on information collection and carpentry, Trefellen is a town of great historical significance, with a wealth of cultural and artistic traditions that continue to thrive to this day. Its people are proud of their town’s heritage and work hard to preserve its history and traditions. As a result, Trefellen remains a bustling and vibrant center of economic, cultural, and intellectual activity in the Mearian realm.

Lightwood is a charming forest that is illuminated by alchemical lanterns, giving the entire area a magical ambiance. The buildings in the town have a whimsical feel, which is in keeping with the town’s charm. The Golden Lotus, the Alchemy Guild, is the heart and soul of the town, and it thrives on constant experimentation and research. The recent addition of The Spires to the town has opened up new possibilities for endless research in the field of Alchemy.

The town of Lightwood is known for being a bit eccentric, but that only adds to its charm. Podon Yosvyn is the Guild Master of the Golden Lotus, overseeing the many alchemists who call the town home. While Lightwood may not have much industry beyond the alchemical experiments and its lush forest, it has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and creativity.

Uriel Shogil is the Baron of Lightwood, and he is currently working to establish a council to provide “Adventurers” with a voice in matters affecting the Lightwood Territory. The council will allow for input on the state of events in the area. With its love of alchemy and commitment to progress, Lightwood remains a unique and fascinating town in the Mearian realm.

Lightwood is also the home of the newly constructed Rydel Xilran Auction and Trade Emporium, run by the esteemed Starfell Traders Guild. It is the place to be for anyone looking to buy or sell rare and exotic goods. Whether it is a one-of-a-kind magic item, a precious gemstone, a rare scroll, an ancient Heirloom, or a Legendary Artifact, the auction house has it all. The interior is adorned with intricate wood carvings and stained-glass windows, creating an atmosphere of opulence and grandeur, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The Rydel Xilran Auction and Trade Emporium is a place of great importance in the town of Lightwood and the Mearian realm as a whole. It is a place of wonder and excitement, where anyone might find their hearts’ desires, and a place where business and culture come together to create a truly unique and vibrant community.

Moarston serves as an important gateway to the Parasade Isles, attracting traders and merchants from far and wide. The town is best known as the home of the renowned Black Water Mercenary Company, which has earned a reputation for its exceptional combat prowess and unwavering loyalty to its clients.

Apart from the mercenary company, Moarston is also home to a thriving industry that specializes in processing raw materials. Its proximity to Steele has given it access to an abundance of natural resources, including precious metals and other minerals used for alchemy. The skilled craftsmen and artisans in Moarston have also perfected the art of processing these raw materials, turning them into valuable commodities to be traded to other areas.

The area boasts several artisanal production of a wide variety of goods, the most popular is a unique combination of exotic herbs and spices that is prized for its rich flavor and aroma. The spice blend is exported to various parts of the Mearian realm and is considered a delicacy by food lovers everywhere.

Moarston also employs a vast array of tinkers and engineers. Here is where skiffs are manufactured. Wood and lumber are imported from Trefellen and other areas to be used in the skiff construction. The intricate woodwork is handled by artisan carpenters and shipbuilders and the skiffs are exported to The Parasade Isles.

Moarston is governed by Baron Durlan Balrel, who is known for his fair and just leadership. He has implemented several policies that have helped to promote trade and commerce in the region, making it a hub of economic activity. Moarston is also home to several influential merchant families who have amassed great wealth through their business dealings.

Overall, Moarston is a thriving region that offers a unique blend of production, engineering, and commerce. It is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to experience the best of Mearian Industry.

Brighton is situated at the far end of The Fissure, opposite Clifton and the Parasade Isles, and is widely known as the home of the Order of Tellus. The Order, led by the tireless Guild Master Igniel, is a renowned institution that focuses on all types of healing and necromantic research. The Order’s Assistant Alaina Torgrave travels frequently to other towns, spreading knowledge and conducting business for the Order.

Brighton is governed by Baroness Ashryn Varaleiis. She is beloved by her subjects, who admire her for her compassionate heart and her willingness to listen to their concerns. Under her leadership, Brighton has become a hub for healing and research, attracting scholars and practitioners from all over the realm. Despite the many challenges she faces as a leader, Baroness Varalei remains steadfast in her commitment to her people and continues to work tirelessly to ensure their safety and prosperity.

Brighton is a haven for healers and those seeking healing. The area boasts some of the most advanced medical facilities in the Mearian realm, with skilled earth scholars who are trained in the latest Healing Arts and techniques, as well as powerful magical knowledge.

In addition to its reputation as a center for healing, Brighton is also known for its thriving necromantic researchers, bringing their highly skilled knowledge of necromancy and its applications for healing and other purposes.

But Brighton is more than just a center for healing and necromantic research. It is also known for its vibrant cultural scene and its many annual festivals. The towns of Brighton line their streets with colorful stalls selling exotic foods, crafts, and other wares, and there is always music and dance to be enjoyed. The residents are friendly and welcoming, and visitors are always made to feel at home.

For those interested in history and culture, Brighton has a rich and fascinating past. Brighton is home to several ancient ruins and monuments, including the ruins of an old castle that dates back to the early days of the Mearian realm.

All in all, Brighton is a vibrant and exciting region that offers something for everyone. Whether you are interested in healing, necromancy, culture, or history, you are sure to find something to enjoy in this charming town in the heart of the Mearian realm.

Aurora Desert
The Aurora Desert is a vast expanse of sand and rock, stretching as far as the eye can see. It is a harsh and unforgiving environment, with temperatures that can reach scorching levels during the day and plummet to freezing temperatures at night. This place is known to be a no man’s land, where only the most daring and skilled travelers dare to tread.

Despite the inhospitable conditions, there are a few small towns scattered along the edge of The Fissure. The people who live here are hardy and resourceful, able to survive in the harsh desert conditions.

The region is led by Baroness Venfina Syllynn and she has established a small council of elders, who have been chosen for their wisdom and experience with the desert. They work closely with the local scouts to keep the region safe from desert creatures and bandits that roam the wasteland. The scouts are highly skilled trackers and hunters, able to navigate the desert with ease.

One of the most unique features of the Aurora Desert is the glowing sands that can be found in certain areas. These sands emit a soft, ethereal light that is said to be caused by a type of rare mineral found in the ground. These glowing sands are highly sought after by Alchemists and mages for their unique properties and applications in Formal Magic. Another source of income for the region is the mining of rare minerals found in the desert, which are sold to traders and merchants passing through.

Deep in the heart of the Aurora Desert, is a towering mountain that stands out against the flat, barren landscape. The locals call it the Black Peak. The mountain is a forbidding place, and few dare to venture into its rocky, windswept heights. For those brave enough to make the climb, there are secrets to be uncovered. Deep within the mountain, there is rumored to be a vast network of caverns and catacombs that are said to be the remnants of an ancient civilization. The tunnels twist and turn through the earth, leading deeper and deeper into the mountain’s dark heart. Rumors abound of lost relics and ancient artifacts hidden within the depths of the catacombs. Some say that the civilization that once inhabited the mountain was home to powerful sorcerers and scholars and that their knowledge and wisdom are still waiting to be discovered. But the catacombs are not for the faint of heart and the tunnels are fraught with peril at every turn. Many who venture into the catacombs never return, lost forever to the darkness.

The Aurora Desert may be a dangerous and unforgiving place, but for those who are brave enough to explore it, there are many treasures and wonders to be found.

Principality & Government
The towns are controlled by the Guilds. Governors of the Towns are representatives of the Nobles’ interests and they assist the Guilds in the directive commerce of the towns and population. There are a number of Knighted individuals as well as Lords and Ladies who often take on the roles of Governor for various towns.

There are several that have divided the obligations of maintaining employment, trade, and commerce throughout the towns. They act as a sort of balance because what affects one town will impact the others because they share through trade resources. The Guilds divided the primary responsibilities. The nobles often oversee the operations and follow up with the various guild leaders.

The Nobles
Some have inherited their titles while others have earned them through extraordinary service.

Empress Tanya Danes
Duke Tove Louran – Son to the Empress
Duke Frost Galli – War Council to the Empress
Duchess Charlotte Ailward – Daughter to the Empress
Duchess Emma Ward – War Council to the Empress
Marques Scar Fleming – Council to the Empress
Marchioness Nora Holt – Grand Daughter to the Empress
Count Martin Oatherson – Council to the Empress
Count Chas Rossi – Council to the Empress
Countess Victoria Ivyson – Treasury Council to the Empress
Countess Eudora Bladedrand – War Council to the Empress

Barons of the 8 Territories and the Lesser Nobility.
Lesser Nobility are often governors, mayors, or other official ranks within townships throughout a given territory.

Parasade Isles –
Baron Aimon Famaer,
Senechal Tylic Weldamur, (1)Parasade,
Sir Therro Jyre of (2)Pearlstand,
Lady Cornaith Wysaro of (3)Steepstar,
Sir Faern Sylsalor of (4)Spirit Harbor,
Dame Zumra Krana of (5)Magebrook,
Dame Tyllen Stroh of (6)Silkstar,
Lord Wren Heibah of (7)Dragonfall
Trefellen –
Baroness Ericka Hall,
Seneschal Torvic Twobow,(1) Trefellen,
Lord Rictavion Dewtrap of (2)Gloomsbury,
Lord Rargo Shadowpelt of (3)Windfalls,
Dame Arcolt Treewhisper of (4)Autumn Gulf,
Dame Tanyth Gilran of (5)Shroudhost,
Lady Kendel Elfiel of (6)Southwall,
Lord Yeti Sabsal of (7)Falsemore,
Sir Brier Deann of (8)Bridgemaw,
Lord Tuidh Sola of (9)Shadowshell
Steele –
Baron Houddum Mountainhelm,
Seneschal Tyrovar Eilgeiros (1) Steele ,
Sir Teodlaeril Qirel of (2)Ghostpass,
Dame Isletha Keychen of (3)Steamgarde,
Lady Safsalia Aeren of (4)Nightwind,
Lord Greaslon of (5)Silverborough,
Dame Darby Swiftfoot of (6)Ironwick,
Lady Maugluar Faexina of (7)Goldwatch,
Lord Zylparin Dadi of (8)Boulder Vault,
Dame Franrel Torroris of (9)Steelmaw,
Sir Alwarith Morthyra of (10)Madside,
Sir Rell Grefiel of (11)Westbreak,
Lord Rainuin Daexidor of (12)Rockgarde,
Lord Coryll Waesbalar of (13)Highpoint,
Lady Kriduin Sarrora of (14)Hollowpeak,
Sir Liudolf Sandyman of (15)Doggulch,
Dame Giselbert Boulderhill of (16)Rustward,
Lord Waldolanus Burrows of (17)Springshield
Brighton –
Baroness Ashryn Varalei of (1)Hollowguard,
Seneschal Jesmia of (16)Ridgeton,
Dame Bernalore Fargolor of (3)Edge Cairn,
Sir Jorthil Bryvaris of (4)Moonville,
Sir Alpais Bunce of (5)Farhold,
Dame Merofled Brockhouse of (6)Misthollow,
Dame Gweyei of (11)Nevermond,
Dame Tasha Brandytook of (10)Mutegrave,
Sir/Dame Taeymo of (9)Bridgeshield,
Lord Ta of (7)Whiteham,
Lord Johalyn Erjor of (2)Summerrun,
Lady Rosalaema Naenan of (12)Fargrasp,
Lord Cedstine Dapeiros of (8)Spiritfront,
Lord Emnoel Cainala of (14)Smallford,
Dame Merwten of (13)Holistic Grove,
Lady Alisarda Kelfaren of (15)Bellreach
Moarston –
Baron Durlan Balrel,
Seneschal Tane Wyst,(1)Moarston,
Lord Vuduin Keamys of (2)Stillshore,
Sir Alaric Elvellon of (3)Pondcairn,
Dame Salna Tragella of (4)Lagoon Field,
Lady Malia Wysatoris of (5)Faytide,
Sir Trathin Elceran of (6)Silent Tide,
Dame Rotwin Inapeiros of (7)Rageminster,
Lord Bailey Chubb of (8)Riverview,
Lady Keira Underlake of (9)Stormbay,
Lady Selina Littlefoot of (10)Basin Pond,
Dame Kaitlyn Silentfoot of (11)Boneport,
Sir Joanvyre Yinqen of (12)Whiteborough,
Lord Avnor Caihorn of (13)Silkstrand,
Lord Erdal Genmenor of (14)Cursedale
Lightwood –
Baron Uriel Shogil of (1) Lightwood,
Seneschal Embergaze,
Sir Perqinor Noakes of (2)Pinevale,
Dame Tansea Wranharice of (3)Westdale,
Sir Amelnor Qidove of (4)Hazelwallow,
Dame Rosea Craven of (5)Wintermoor,
Sir Padain of (6)Willows Bend,
Dame Lilacia Palecoat of (7)Ashton,
Lord Governor Ruprit Lumberton of (8)Spruce Borough,
Lady Elidia Ruta of (9)Cherry Blossom Pass,
Sir Jessup Kindroot of (10) Oakengrove,
Dame Blake Burbon of (11)Hollowfort,
Sir Bren Larchtwig of (12)Mapletown,
Lady Briarlynn Ironhand of (13)Deepfrost
Clifton –
Baron Sandro Clifffist,
Seneschal Salryn Wren,
Lady Krea Chaucer of (1)Clifton,
Lord Edmund Skrana of (2)Cliffview,
Lady Alilure Harice of (3)Whiteburn,
Sir Edelhere of (4)Rimeborn,
Sir Willichar Longhole of (5)Brittlebreak,
Dame Rosamythe Ianna of (6)Midfall,
Lady Piermer Crajor of (7)Cloudcross,
Dame Andica Featherbottom of (8)Starbell,
Lord Cloud Hedgehopper of (9)Steephand,
Lord Baumea of (10)Ravenwind,
Lord Tilia Liberi of (11)Swift Summit
Aurora Desert –
Baroness Venfina Syllynn,
Seneschal Iohletha Waes,
Sir Villosis of (1)Scorchrock,
Dame Ester Sylsain of (2) Ghostgate,
Dame Aidaris Argetine of (3)Dustbay,
Sir William Ero of (4)Dimland,
Lady Ismene Olagier of (5)Shroudburn,
Sir Willoris Grouch of (6)Scorch Spire,
Sir Caryn Syls of (7)Cursedale,
Lady Elinna Strega of (8)Dust Wharf,
Sir Dhei Sallir of (9)Scorchscar,
Lord Lilfaer of (10)Dustmount

The Guilds.
The Order of Tellus Earth Magic Guild – Farming, local produce, most matters relating to the general population, healers, births, medical care, territorial disputes, as well as deaths. The Order of Tellus is in charge of many things. One of which is property disputes, and the medical needs of the communities. The town and people here go to the guilds for everything. It just makes sense. They buy when farms have a surplus, and help heal when people are sick and or dying. When it is an unexpected death the family can make a contract with the earth guild to provide the dead relative up to 3 years. While not as smelly as a corpse risen they can maintain fields and other activities. Or they can perform dangerous activities like mining in the Fissure etc. This allows the family of the undead to receive wages that are substantial and be taken care of by the guild for years following their final interment and the family doesn’t have to worry.
Guild Master – Igniel Karterous
Assistant Guild Mistress – Alaina Torgrave

Cardinal VanguardCelestial Magic Guild Magic weapons, component harvesting Study of the Fissure, magical combat school. Handles half of the Formal Library and regulates all aspects of Magical Study through the stars.
Guild Master – Dame Wendy Mournhell
Assistant Guild Master – Vacant

Sir Faern Sylsalor – Former Assistant Guild Master –  has since been stripped of his title and position due to declarations of Treason since investigated by the Adventurers.

Starfell TradersMerchant’s Guild Controls all official commerce within the Mearian realm. The flow and traffic for trade routes, changes in trade routes due to Fissure impact. They also control the land purchase rights throughout the territories of Mearian. The Starfell Traders maintain a trade route along with Trading posts that runs the length of the river to the coast. Guild Master – Lady Krea Chaucer
Assistant Guild Master – Vacant
Guild Representative – Maoci Belemiar Longtail

Order of the Golden LotusAlchemist’s Guild – Controls the Alchemical research into methodology and new advances. They serve as one of the main distributors of local intoxicants when it is needed. They also focus on the expansion of current Alchemical understanding for the majority of the land of Avalon. Many advancements in Alchemy have originated from within the Mearian Empires, Alchemical Guild research.
Guild Master – Grand Master Podon Yosvyn
Assistant Guild Master – Vacant

Explorer’s AssociationAdventurers Guild – Mapping the “Safe Zones” of the Fissure. The Guildmaster position has been filled by an individual who volunteered for its position. The explorers also have frequent job postings for additional explorations. There are many areas this can take you to. With the dangers of the Fissure, these individuals risk sacrifice to scout and assist adventurers.
Guild Master – Seat Filled
Assistant Guild Master – Vacant

Forges of SteeleBlacksmiths Guild – Distribution of Mining rights within the fissure. Contracts with towns and other guilds for weapons and generic items. They have contracts installing and teaching blacksmiths across the territories.
Guild Master – Gamal Thunderhead
Assistant Guild Master – Kaidink

Black Water Mercenary CompanyHeadquarters unknown – Hired Mercenaries they operate in Moarston. They are the contractors that supply trained fighters for excursions and research expeditions. Typically willing to pay anyone some coin for a good bit of information. Helps put out Wanted Posters to provide direction to adventurers.
Guild Master – Sir William
Assistant Guild Master – The Right Hand

Organization of KeepersThe Guild of Law – These are the local guards in every town. They also operate the investigations as well as control the bounties. Currently seeking a new Sheriff for the town of Lightwood. They also represent the Law and Order of the towns and Baronies. The Sheriffs all act collectively as Assistants to the Guild Master who reports to the Council.
Guild Master – Unknown

The CollectiveThe Honor Guard – These specially trained groups of fighters, warriors, and all things in between are honed for years for their craft. Individuals that represent The Collective are called upon to guard Nobles and Guildmasters during their travels. Only the most experienced of experts in the fighting arts can even dream to step foot within these ranks.
General – Unknown

The Council of Mearian – The Council of Mearian consists of 8 Barons over the 8 Territories. Along with the 8 Guilds. There will be 2 positions added to be on behalf of the adventurers; those roles are to add a 9th seat to each the Baron’s Council side and to the Guild’s Council side. They will only be able to speak on situations as they stand and hold no authority towards decisions involving the Mearian Territories.

Player Character Influences

Durmista Embassy – Prince Grey Stoneturner has established the Durmista Embassy as his summer home. This property operates under the writ of Lady Krea Chaucer of the Starfell Traders. The laws of the Mearian Territory are to be respected. As per the agreement that Prince Grey signed. Those who operate within the bounds of the Embassy will not take action or impact negatively against the Mearian Territories.

Black Hammer – More information to come as it is provided

Hobling Army – More information to come as it is provided.

Red Crescent Moon – Chapter house in the Capitol town of Steele. This is primarily operated by Tinker. Rocco is a Human who is associated with the chapter house. All records since its establishment have only been encouraging as the RCM has only done good deeds in trying to better the land as well as the impact.

General Notes

A note from the first gathering of Adventurers.

“We wish to welcome you to the Mearian Realm. We are a commerce-driven land. Only through the careful management by our Empress have we successfully thrived for this long. She has many trusted advisors. The Lords’ council under our Empress is represented by the different Lords and Barons over the Towns within our land. Each represents a different face of hers.”

Laws of the Land

Of Necromancy
Necromancy requires a Permit from the Order of Tellus – This permit is a contractual agreement between you and the Order of Tellus that you are willing to take on the responsibility for fulfilling contracts within the local towns, in an effort to continue the economic cycle. No contracts with an undead corpse may last for longer than 5 years. During this time the Order of Tellus will provide support and compensation to the family of the deceased for the work and efforts during their raised period. Currently, there are Limited contracts to be a Necromancer available. They are directly supervised by the Guild Master Ignieal, and Assistant Guild Mistress Alaina. Licensed Necromancers provide an integral service within these lands. Unsanctioned Necromancy is dealt with swiftly and accordingly.

Of Thieving
This is frowned upon. That being said, we understand that means can often be difficult. If you find you are skilled there is a need for you within many of the Guilds. The key here is to not get caught. When you are caught you will serve time indentured as well as paying a fine equivalent to that of your theft.

Of Duels
The combat of arms must be witnessed by a representative of any of the following: The Order of Tellus, The Golden Lotus, The Starfell Traders, The Explorers, or The Cardinal Vanguard. These individuals will hear the grievance, and then bear witness to the combat. Combat to death is not permitted. For here we respect the life granted to us as well as when it leaves us.

Of Murder
To forcibly cut the golden thread of an individual’s life, through means of ill will, or fanaticism. This will result in indenturetude to the family of the slain. Your contract will be held by the Guild the individual held the most regard for. Each individual has an innate right to life.

Of Slavery and Indentured Servitude
Either holder of these requires a permit. Slaves are often traded from indenture into slavery due to increased acts against others. They work off their debts. However there are crimes in which individuals can not come back. Should you be convicted you will be entered into a slave contract. At which time your agency is no longer your own. We here have a great deal of respect for life. A portion of the funds earned as your living wage will be provided to your family and to the families of your victims as restitution. The rest will be paid to the town to cover your living expenses as well as upkeep. To contractually hold slaves or indentured individuals you must have a Permit and contract signed by one of the Orders denoting Who, as well as their crime. Along with the duration of their services. These are controlled collectively by the orders.

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