lets tell you a story

Who are we?

Chris and Clarissa of Dragons & Drafts, LLC decided to launch their own LARP company in 2020 during the Covid Pandemic. They traveled across the US during this time and started using the world as inspiration in the story they began drafting. Stopping in State Parks, KOA Campgrounds, and major points of interest across the US, they developed a unique landscape complimenting a lot of those points in a Medieval Fantasy Campaign Setting. Designing from the ground up, they have made something that could be equal to reading a fantasy novel.

Chris Roberts aka Chris Gold in his youth, has over 15 years of LARPing experience and almost 20 years of Creative Writing & Game Master experience. Weaving and telling tales to well over a couple of thousand individuals through the years at Conventions, LARPs, and other atmospheric settings. Chris, having a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Management, took the reigns as Director of Operations to fulfill the need that he observed most LARPs having, which is business direction. Designing the operation structure for the Border Lands and ensuring it is stuck to, allows the unique experience that you can only get from us, here in the Border Lands.

Clarissa stands tall with over 20 years of LARPing experience, with a major focal point being Roleplay-centric designs with game systems like Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocolypse. This experience allows their design of an immersive, direct experience to be one to go home about. Clarissa has over 25 years of Management Experience in her business portfolio and focuses on ensuring the operational standard is met with the creative direction as your Director of Plot. Being disabled individuals, they also focused on designing a LARP experience that is inclusive and welcoming to all, no matter the life situation that you have to overcome.

One major point that Chris and Clarissa both focus on is designing the world of Border Lands around the concept of Player Development. They have core values behind each and every aspect of the event design, I.E. Team Building, Problem Solving, Deescalation, Puzzle & Hand Dexterity, Etc. These aspects help us not only weave a tale but make sure each time you attend an event with us you will be developing a skill to become a better individual as a whole.

Being nothing but passionate about creating and crafting a LARPing experience, while maintaining a minimum expectation of excellent customer service, and inclusive playspace as well a welcoming atmosphere to all that decide to take a step into the imagination. We focus on ensuring everyone is heard and listening to our players, no matter how big or small the situation is.

We hope that our story is one that drives you to come out and join us in our world of excitement. We cannot wait to see you all venture eventually into our borders. Remember, die loudly out there!

What we really believe in!

Our Core Values

Below are 7 Core Values that we ensure we follow each and every event to ensure equality, inclusion and support of any and all individuals while maintaining a forward momentum into a worthwhile weaving of tales.

"Motivation" noun
1. a: the act or process of motivating
b: the condition of being motivated.
2: a motivating force, stimulus, or influence: INCENTIVE, DRIVE

NERO: Border Lands aims to be a driving force in the LARPing community and strive daily to exceed the prior days expectations. Using Motivation as one of our Cornerstone Core Values, we wake up with the understanding that we must continue and move forward to ensure all those who; participate, volunteer, communicate, or consider to be a part of our community are motivated.

"Organization" noun
1. a: the act or process of organizing or of being organized.
b: the condition or manner of being organized.

NERO: Border Lands understands and has put forth its utmost effort to ensure complete organization of the entity. We as a group, focus on building a comprehensive system that allows anyone and everyone to work alongside us and help however they can. Being organized will only compliment this focus fuller and ensure details of our players, staff members and volunteers are not lost. This is not limited to just operations but regards to financial aspects, information handling and scheduling avenues as well.

"Neutral" adjective
1: not engaged on either side
specifically: not aligned with a political or ideological grouping.
2: of or relating to a neutral state or power
3: not decided or pronounced as to characteristics: INDIFFERENT

NERO: Border Lands stands proud saying they are a "Second Chance" LARP. Many individuals have undergone change over the years, but this doesn't erase the behaviors they previously established. We remove those memories and allow anyone and everyone to get a fresh start. We try to remain as neutral as possible regarding most matters. Our staff, players and volunteers are expected to behave the same way.

"Safety" noun
1: the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss.

NERO: Border Lands puts safety at the top of every checklist no matter what. We prioritize safety each and every event, inside and out. Our goal is to ensure that all participants attend with the understanding that they are safe within the facilitated and controlled experience. Safety is #1 no matter what.

"Transparent" adjective
a: free from pretense or deceit : FRANK.
b: easily detected or seen through : OBVIOUS.
c: readily understood.
d: characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices.

NERO: Border Lands aims to be transparent with all aspects of their business and operations. An "Open Door" policy is in effect and if anyone approaches with questions, concerns, or general curiosity, we will take the time and effort to ensure the proper information is conveyed.

"Equality" noun
1: the quality or state of being equal

Equality and inclusivity are high priorities in the business design. We expect to provide an equal experience to all individuals, regardless of race, gender, disability, ideology, or social position. We run a LARP that is focused on being accessible to all individuals. Our content, plot and community are all expected to allow any and all individuals to be able to participate. Period.

"Respect" verb
1 a: to consider worthy of high regard: ESTEEM.
b: to refrain from interfering with
2: to have reference to: CONCERN

NERO: Border Lands vows to provide respect and honor to all things that happen within its respective communities. Social Media, Online via Discord, In-Person at Events or Gatherings, it is intended that Respect is provided 24/7 during, before and after operations. All individuals regardless should also provide respect while attending any of the listed above events or participating in conversations.

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