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Staff Roles

The game of NERO requires way more volunteers than most would understand! From the front facing Plot Writers/Runners to the behind-the-scenes "Monster Camp Organizer" aka "Monster Mom!" All these people play an essential role in making sure our game runs effectively. Every season we push to have more volunteers join our team to help develop and grow the amazing staff that we already have!

Event Director

This individual ensures site availability, established restricted zones, and overall site safety. They set up and double-check the load-out process for everyone onsite. They are often ensuring a smooth flow of events throughout the course of the scheduled events.

Creative Director

This person writes and manages the major plot arcs as well as the overall world lore the players experience. They also develop alongside the Lead Plot yearly plot as well as any side plots that may be experienced during the scheduled events. Working close with the Event Director to ensure timelines are met per scheduled expectations.

Plot Lead

Known often as “Head of Plot,” this position works closely with the Creative Director in the Arc & Lore Developments. They are directly in charge of the plot ranges from 1 to a full year in length, while also checking continuity to ensure limited information is lost and the story remains consistent. The Plot Lead works with the Plot Writers to help generate the overall experience the players will participate in every event, while also scripting the in-the-moment reactionary plot changes based on players’ decisions.

Plot Writers

This is normally a team of individuals who assist the Creative Director and Plot Lead in scripting, setting up, and running a subsidiary plot or “Filler Plot” for players. These primarily consist of plotlines that are single events in length or multi-event but no longer than 3 to 6 events. Random encounters, modules, and our gatherables are sometimes run by these staff members.

Player Liaison

Intermediary between Staff and Players. They answer questions, get answers to questions, help welcome in new players, and bring player issues to staff and ownership so that they will have a resolution as soon as possible.

Module Coordinator

These Marshals are players who assist directly in rule calls, clarifications, and operations of any modules run during the course of an event.

Full Time NPC

Full-Time NPCs’ are fed, housed, and catered to by staff as they are the Champions, the Bread and butter of LARP, who allow the players to become Heroes. We have NPC contracts for specific reoccurring NPCs. Full-Time NPC’s are allowed a 4-hour block of time they are allowed to be on their PC so they remain engaged and informed via in-game means of the current happenings of the game and world.

Staff Lead

A Staff Lead consists of a leadership role over any of the listed below roles. These individuals go above and beyond to help the overall success of the LARP as a whole. They take responsibility for managing each of the departments to ensure all aspects of the responsibilities or handled.


A “Marshal” is well-versed in the Rules of NERO. They assist Game Staff and Plot regularly during encounters and scenes to make operation seamless. They can specialize in order to better assist overall.

Formal Marshal – This marshal focuses on the rules of Magic and Formal Casting procedures for the game and is called upon during those moments to regulate.

Rogue Marshal – This marshal focuses on the Rogue rules, being available for “Roguing” events and PVP encounters for balance and fairness during those events.

Safety Marshal – This marshal checks the safety of all weapons, equipment, and other aspects of game operation during time on site. They are also the direct contact for any safety concerns and will inform the game’s staff, and players of safety issues as they arise.


The Logistics team consists of volunteers who will assist the game by regulating the “Check-In” and “Check-Out” processes. They handle the “Production” requests of players, create tags for the game as well, and handle the Pre-Registration of players and any special requests needed.

Logistics may also be involved with the LARP “Market” or “Guild Reception” which is a functional In-Game operation to allows players to show for items and submit requests during certain times.


These volunteers utilize special skills and training to help ensure our players remain safe during game operations. They also assist by administering First Aid or Medical handling in case of any emergency situation that arises. Nurses, Doctors, or other specially trained individuals are called out during the “Before Game” commencement to ensure transparency of who they are.

Photo & Film Team

These individuals handle the Photography and Videography of the game during its operations as well as regulate the Social Media side of the business. They assist in our Marketing campaigns that we design quarterly and work with our Ownership to help push growth to our communities with creative design through film and photo.

Tavern Team

Individuals who join this team assist by supplying a specific trade to everyone by cooking, cleaning, and handling the duties involved in the “Tavern” of the game. They focus on ensuring the “In-Game” experience is kept while prepping delicious meals for our players and staff.

Part Time NPC

We encourage this role for New Players! You spend the first day/night at LARP in NPC roles where you get a practical crash course. This role is also used for Veteran Players who wish to donate time and assist in the game experience by picking up a 2 to 4 hour NPC Shift.

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