Staff Members

Owners & Board of Directors

The Owners and Board of Directors are in charge of all aspects of Operation and Management of the game as a whole. All issues are brough to the Board and discussed thoroughly while Ownership focuses on managing and maintaining the day-to-day state of the game itself.

Clarissa Michaels

Co-Owner & Director of Plot

Pronouns: They/He

Christopher Roberts

Co-Owner & Director of Operations

Pronouns: He/Him

Charles Bailey

Board of Directors

Pronouns: He/Him

Operations & Plot Team

Without our Operations and Plot team, we have no game to facilitate to our players. Their creative direction and ambition while volunteering their time and efforts, is the #1 reason why our players have nothing but an amazing time during their adventures! Thank you, amazing staff members!!!

Scott Bradlee

Head of Plot

Tree May

Plot Member

Ed Landers

Plot Member

Christine Neilsen

Plot Member
Marshals & Team Members

Game Marshals and Team Members aka NPC's are literally the foundation of any successful LARP. Without them, the game would never run smoothly and lots of confusion may arise. Marshals handle questions in the moment when a Staff member is unavailable and NPCs are the everyday creature, humble farmer or random encounter in the woods. You come across these individuals regularly and we encourage you to get to know them! THANK YOU NPCS!!!

Daniel Herrera

Head Marshal

Francoise DeManche

Safety Marshal

Hunter Thomason

Lead Marshal (Rules, Formal, Rogue)

Adrian Padilla

Player Liaison

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