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“A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically portray their characters and enact a plot of the game.[1] The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world environments while interacting with each other in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules or determined by consensus among players. Event arrangers called gamemasters decide the setting and rules to be used and facilitate play.

The first LARPs were run in the late 1970s, inspired by tabletop role-playing games and genre fiction. The activity spread internationally during the 1980s and has diversified into a wide variety of styles. Play may be very game-like or may be more concerned with dramatic or artistic expression. Events can also be designed to achieve educational or political goals. The fictional genres used vary greatly, from realistic modern or historical settings to fantastic or futuristic eras. Production values are sometimes minimal, but can involve elaborate venues and costumes. LARPs range in size from small private events lasting a few hours, to large public events with thousands of players lasting for days.”

Border Lands events are a combination of numerical hit point/status effect boffer combat, and theatrical roleplay. If you’re here to fight monsters with padded weapons, there are plenty around. If you’re here to dress up and tell stories, we have beautiful locations and intriguing plotlines. Either way, you will be interacting with both combat and roleplay elements of the game. Our world is highly freeform and immersive – you may choose to join in on the lead adventure plaguing the local town or work with each other to create your own fun within the realm of the game world or explore other areas and side-quests by going further into town (aka “seeing plot,”) at events.

Border Lands is a high fantasy-genre LARP combining traditional medieval fantasy themes together with extracurricular themes as seen fit. However, we are more focused on creating a supportive community and game that is financially accessible to players from all backgrounds. As such, we focus our efforts on ways to grow the LARP community as a whole and provide more accessible opportunities to help new players grow at the Border Lands chapter, rather than being strictly historically accurate (though we do ask players to dress and speak as in-period as possible as this is still crucial for maintaining immersion).

Our game season is mostly monthly Fri-Sun overnight camp events (including winter), and additional smaller events (ex. Adventure Days, Tavern Nights, gaming conventions) scattered throughout. As such, we are able to provide consistent entertainment for players year-round. This also means that our volunteer staff may only have a few weeks to prepare for each event, in between their respective obligations to the real world. if you’re interested in joining the team behind the scenes to assist with NPCing events, theatrical production, props, makeup, writing, etc., contact us!

Click here for a detailed breakdown of event types and locations.

When designing “The Mearian Empire,” our primary focus was ensuring a unique and player-driven experience. Boffer LARPs too often rinse and repeat the same ole concept of Medieval Fantasy, without players being the driving force behind change. Everything in the Border Lands campaign is influenced by player choice. This is exampled by the Nobles being executed with agreement from players of status, to Guilds recruiting and grooming players to take over the higher positions. Eventually, the Border Lands will be an entirely player-run economy or still managed by Plot staff through dedicated NPCs. The players have made the majority of these decisions based on their own morals and internal compass.

Conflict is not always designed by Border Lands staff either. Players can become villains based on a few bad decisions, or the ambition to be a powerful individual. For example, any character can always choose to align themselves with an enemy NPC and work as a spy to attempt to thwart the town’s plans. Every choice whether you decide it to be “Good” or “Evil,” matters.

Naturally, the other players may also respond by reporting this to town officials if any are available in-game (“See plot,” or seek out specific in-game NPCs at events to report crimes), and depending on the NPC’s moral alignment, the spy character could be tried for treason, fined, executed, or worse. Player characters can also try to take matters into their own hands to seek vengeance or justice or enlist help from other PC and NPC contacts if no “town official,” is available or interested.

We ask that players respond to in-game conflict (ex. being robbed in-game) with in-game action(ex. reporting the crime, or asking other characters for help in-game) to help maintain immersion and allow Border Lands to continue to remain a LARP chapter with intriguing character complexity.

A common saying is “You don’t know if you don’t try!” We stand by this sentiment wholeheartedly. Showing up is the first step in trying out something as unique as LARPing.

While you are new, NERO: Border Lands is willing to support you with some Costuming, Props, and Weapon Loans. This courtesy typically lasts a couple of events, but after the new wears off, we expect you to step up and take over from there. We encourage everyone to build their own character aesthetic as it develops the character further as you play. We do have quite a few artists and crafters within the community, as well as plenty of resources online to help you advance your own opportunity for crafting and developing a new skill.

You will need to provide your own gear/clothes, toiletries, and bedding appropriate for the duration of the event. We encourage designing with the Campaign Setting in mind, which is Medieval Fantasy.

You’ll also need to provide some way to pay for the event fees and food if it’s available. NERO: Border Lands does not regularly supply food on site, but players occasionally take up the mantle and cook meals for large groups at a cost. We provide the ability to pay ahead of time for the events as well as on-site. Just know that your 1st event and 2nd events are discounted 50% off.

Please read through our “Rules & Playtests” page, as this will provide a lot of the information needed for Rules, Operating Expectations, and Character Creation. We have a lot of details to learn before you actually kickstart your first campaign, but you are always more than welcome to jump in whenever!

Once you have a Character Concept, head over to and “Create a New Character,” choosing “Border Lands” as your Local Chapter from the Drop-Down list. From there you can edit and design your character, while also registering for any upcoming NERO: Border Lands events. All new characters start at Level 10, and you have 6 months to finalize your character concept during your “New Player” Status within the Chapter. Don’t forget you can always Volunteer and NPC for the game to learn the “In and Out” of the game from multi-year veterans. This is also a way to play NERO for Free as NPCs have their costs covered for the weekend.

This is the ALMIGHTY question that everyone always asks!

Just know we are glad that you do ask! It is better to be prepared than walk into your first LARP Event without any knowledge of what to expect! So please know that we have done as much research as possible and gotten feedback from multiple chapters on this. Provided below is our Comprehensive Packing List on what should be packed for your next adventure! Also, be sure to click the Quick Start LARP Guide to get an Overall Expectation for your 1st event and every event afterward!

Comprehensive Packing List

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