Kingdom Event Calendars

The Kings And Queens group has several types of events. All of which are listed on the Calendar.

Fighters Practice

Fighter Practices consist of a few hours where a bunch of players gather together on a weekend, maybe a Saturday or a Sunday and practice fighting, rules calls or get clarification from their fellow players regarding matters. These events mostly are player run and organized as people just want to hang out with their friends away from the events.

Adventure Days

Adventure Days are gatherings where players spend around 8 to 10 hours roleplying, adventuring and being driven through Staff managed Plot. These events are sponsored by NERO: Border Lands staff and handled like a typical weekend event, however only limited to 1 full day.

Tavern Nights

Tavern Nights are afternoon into the evening gatherings that consist of Storyboard style plot, interaction with other players and staff members, as well as a more roleplay centric experience overall. Some fighting can happen, but it is normally training and 1v1 bouts in hopes of getting rid of the dust and cobwebs.

Online & Special Events

These experiences are either done in a D&D Style experience with 1 Main Plot Writer handling 6 to 8 players and driving them through a specific scenario while utilizing their characters skills, spells, and other aspects overall. Other special events may consist of Anime & Fandom Conventions, 3 Day to 5 Day Weekends, or even Olympic style games! These are case by case and are normally reserved for special situations. Look out for these amazing opportunities.

Market Gatherings

These are your typical events that consist of a 3 Day Weekend, starting on a Friday and ending on a Sunday. Exact start and stop times may vary but normally are based on weather and overall weekend scripting. These experiences are the typical LARP scenario that everyone is familiar with and always fun!

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